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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crafty Containers

Winter brings out the crafter in me.  My garden is hiding under drifts of white and I can’t stand to watch another television show about dieters, dancers, or divas.  It’s time to challenge my brain cells to a little creativity. 

This is a craft project that fulfills all the needs of my hibernating self.  It uses recycled materials.  (I’m being nice to the planet!) It’s cheap. (I’m being nice to my pocketbook.) And I’m making something useful. (I’m being nice to my husband who hates knick–knacks.)

To make these crafty containers you will need:
An empty box or can. 

(Used hot chocolate containers are great!  And it gives me a good excuse to drink hot chocolate. Like I really need an excuse.)

Brown paper bag
Rubber cement
Mod Podge
Copies of your favorite paper ephemera and/or scrapbook stickers


1. Cover the outside of your container with the brown paper.  It works best to glue it down with rubber cement.  Less wrinkles!

2. User rubber cement to attach your favorite pictures and quotes.

3. Coat the whole can with Mod Podge and let it dry.

Viola! You have cute containers to help you organize your work space.  And your creativity has come out to play.

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