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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Collecting and Crafting

I love antique shops and everything about them from the musty, dusty smells to the feel of hand rubbed wood. I drool over brightly colored vintage postcards and wonder at sadly faded photographs. It’s the irresistible adventure of being both treasure hunter and historian.

When I was younger I filled my house with solid oak dressers and bent wood rockers. But now the house is furnished and I collect smaller objects and items I can transform through crafting. Some of my favorites are candy tins, valentines and bits of broken jewelry.

I use the tins to store my treasures. It is forces me to limit what I buy. If I can’t store it in a candy tin, it’s too big and I don’t need it. Fortunately I have found some pretty big candy tins!

Sometimes I just like to pull out my treasures and play with them. Other times I fill the tins and leave them on my shelves for company to explore and enjoy. And all the time I try to think of new and creative ways to use the bits of history and scraps of ephemera.

On Saturday, I think I will go with my girlfriends to an antique store. I’m sure there is a new surprise waiting for me there!


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  1. I have one of my old retreat nametags hanging up over my desk decorated with "scraps of ephemera."