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Monday, October 22, 2012

God is a Gardner

Some crazy employee at Walmart just marked all the flower bulbs to 60% off.  Of course I bought 100 bulbs. 
Before I put away the toilet paper and shampoo, (the real reason I went to the store) I was in the garden planting my treasures.  It was the perfect day to think about spring.  The Bradford Pear across the street is a deep crimson and my mums are glorious in their purple and yellow flowers.  The squirrels are gathering up the walnuts in the back yard and I can see birds flocking on the telephone wires.  Winter will be here shortly.
Winter is my least favorite time of year.  No flowers to pick and ground too frozen to dig.  I miss sitting in my flower bed plucking weeds and enjoying the smell of wet soil.  Planting bulbs is the perfect cure for the soon to come winter blahs.  I will keep peeking out my window, waiting for the first tips of green to poke through the frosty soil.  Then I will know that warmer days are coming.  Gardening can resume.
When I am gardening I learn many analogies about God and how he takes care of us, and I learned another one today.  I purchased those bulbs knowing full well that Darrell and I plan to put our house on the market early next spring.  If we are fortunate, I will not be living in the house when those 100 bulbs burst from the ground.  Why in the world would I plant 100 bulbs if I’m not going to enjoy them?
Because they are beautiful.
I love gardening because I can work with the beauty that God has created and build a little space that showcases his handi-work.  God has generously created an entire universe of amazing sights, sounds, and smells.  I may never see the entire splendor of his hands, but I know he created it.  And more important, God knows what He has created.  It is all to his glory whether we see the fruits of our labors in this life or never.
I hope I will remember to try to create little spots of beauty in the lives of the people I meet.  I want to plant seed of joy and hope.  Maybe I can garden in the winter.  My soil may just have to be the souls around me.



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