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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lacey Nails for Valentine's Day

contributed by Nichole Finke

Want to give yourself some exquisite nails for Valentine's Day? This do-it-yourself manicure is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees your lovely hands.

thin lace – any color will work, but black is most dramatic
contrasting pearlescent nail polish
sharp scissors
clear nail polish
toothpick or manicure stick
silver permanent marker

Place the lace over each finger, and trace the shape for each nail with the marker. Cut out each piece of lace to match the fingernail. Be sure to keep them in order. Its easy to get them mixed up!

When all your fingers are covered in lace use the clear nail polish to seal the lace. You may need more than one coat of clear. You want the lace to be totally waterproof.

After your nail polish has dried, use scissors to trim off any frayed edges of the lace.

The lace will come off with regular nail polish remover.

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